Karolina Sobel

  1. Gravity

  2. Johannesburg Braamfontein

  3. Hydra residency

    During a one week long residency on the Greek island of Hydra …

  4. Das kleine Schwarze Hamburg 15.07

  5. Casting for Olivia 

    Museo di Zoologia Adiratica di Chioggia Giuseppe Olivi Palazzo Grassi 31.05.2017

  6. Israel and Occupied Territories of Palestine Study Tour nov-dec'16

  7. Lampedusa Research Study Tour Cairo

  8. f/stop Leipzig 25.06 - 3.07

    Contribution to the f-stop Festival Leipzig...AND SO IT IS REPORTED Die konventionelle Reportage aus Fotografie, Text und Gestaltung produziert ein Bild von Welt, das unsere eigene Wahrnehmung maßgeblich beeinflusst, ja konstruiert. Welche technischen…

  9. Transmission Art Festival 8-25.04, Karlsruhe

    A most cordial invitation for Transmission Festival, in which frame i am showing the project 'impaired Vision' in Orgel Fabric in Durlach and curating the video art sectionjoin us for all the events! http://transmission-festival. eu/

  10. Feature PhotoMonth Krakow

    My contribution was selected by DER GREIF to be presented in during opening on photo month in Krakow."DER GREIF has been invited by Lars Willumeit, curator of the Krakow Photomonth 2016 Main Program – »Crisis? What Crisis?!« – to perform A Process…

  11. LAF Pforzheim

    3 days session: one use cameras - inhabitants of Pforzheim - Bildraum PforzheimWhat makes the biography of the city? What defines the city? Does the city has its own logic? Which mental spaces, boundaries, landmarks, edges and pathways are there in the…

  12. Guetherbahnhof Bremen

    On 7th August the gates of Guetherbahnhof in Bremen will open for public showing the ongoing work of Summeracademy. During this period i followed my interest in topics of social exclusion and investigated the perception of blind people.  I met…

  13. TIFF Festival publication

    In frames of workshop by Honza Zamojski, which took place in September in Wroclaw my booklet has been presented in Gallery Dizajn 4-5.09 view of the booklet:

  14. Naples The walk