Karolina Sobel

Action: Village / Akcja: Wioska 16-18 October

Action Village is a ongoing performance project iniatiated by Nina Olczak unfolding during UND#8 Art Festival in Karlsruhe, Germany. The exhibition space will become a habitat to the seven artists for the period of the exhibition. The rooms furnished by aritsts become the stage for their artistic actions and the exhibition space for their individual mythologies.

In cooperation with Nina Olczak, Kuratorki artist group: Maria Bitka, Anna Gadek, Elżbieta Gadek, Malwina Mielniczuk, David Loscher

‪Akcja wioska‬ starts during UND #8 on October 15th with the performance "Dance as if nobody is watching" at 8 pm on Kaiserallee 12, room number 23-24 in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Come celebrate with us the arrival of the world renown performance group kuratorki!!!


GoPublic Tokyo

Between 19.09 - 21.09 in collaboration with Musashino University the action Go Public took place in form of artistic interventions

TIFF Festival publication

In frames of workshop by Honza Zamojski, which took place in September in Wroclaw my booklet has been presented in Gallery Dizajn 4-5.09

view of the booklet:

Oddysseyphotobook draft by karolina sobel
video : Marta Wodz
hand model: Monika Kozub

Guetherbahnhof Bremen

On 7th August the gates of Guetherbahnhof in Bremen will open for public showing the ongoing work of Summeracademy.
During this period i followed my interest in topics of social exclusion and investigated the perception of blind people. I met Annette who lives since 20 years in Bremen and has no experience of seeing since her early childhood. 

Exhibited works consist of c-prints, b/w slideshow with audio 
project is ongoing